Specialist IT support for remote areas

IT support for remote areas

right there with you, always

Who are we?

Sitecom is an IT company that focuses on those who need support the most - people working in isolated and remote areas. We also specialise in radio and communications installations.

Our team consists of talented individuals with mining and military backgrounds who excel in the challenging environments you face every day. Find out more about Sitecom.

Sitecom employees at a Queensland mine on a remote IT support task

What we do

We work closely with our clients to find out what their issues are and tailor a solution to fix their problems. It really is that simple.

Who we help

We support organisations in country areas of Australia where help is hard to find. From small businesses all the way up to large mining sites and camps.

Where we work

It can be tough to find someone that can come at the drop of a hat. We provide engineers to resolve issues within most locations in Australia.

So, what can we do for you?

Data Cabling

"I need a high speed, modern network installed."

Remote IT Support

"We need someone immediately to fix our problem."

Wireless Networks

"We need a wireless solution for our work site or camp"

Rig Surveillance

"Our rigs need to be monitored 24x7."

Silhouette of mining equipment